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  • Adventures of the NudieGirls episode
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Our SFDJ Adventure Team

Sandra Edwards, Dan Volker and Bill Mee are the lead team members of the SFDJ Adventure Team.

Join us as this team of experts in snorkeling, scuba, mountain biking, hiking and general outdoor adventures, takes you on trips that they would share with their own Families and Friends. Our Mission is to help Families in our Audience, to enjoy these same adventures, and to Better their Lives by embracing these Adventure Vacations themselves. Some of these adventures are essentially free... to any family, and some are a bit more involved, and will involve travel....All should be FUN for the whole Family!

Please Jump right in to the first episode, and know that for any "Outfitter Need" any of these adventures could entail, we will list both Outfitters and DIY options for, to address the needs or interests of most viewers. We also hope that any questions or comments you will have about any episode, will be something that you will bring directly to our Facebook Page (see the link on our toolbar at top of page), where we and others can discuss this with you